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Author: Sam Crowley

Everything you need to succeed you learned in Sunday School. Christians should not be poor. The two words are not synonymous. Poverty is negative; believing in God is the most positive of reality. These two emotions cannot exist in the same mind. God promises prosperity to those who follow His guidelines.
Some Christians may have entered into a vow of poverty. But to perpetuate poverty mindset for any other reason is to engage in the worst form of self-deprivation. Helping others to be fed and clothed and find the prosperous life that God intended is more in line with Christian beliefs.
"Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen." These lines from the Bible explain why Christians should be among the wealthiest citizens of the world. God has given the Christian ultimate control over their environment. Unless poverty is the hoped for consequence of our actions, there are some thoughts that should be changed.
For some Christians the fear of prosperity is greater than the fear of poverty. Poverty is self defeating and does not enrich the soul or the community. The life of a poor person does not inspire nor benefit the world. Being prosperous through acts of kindness are far more beneficial to the world we live in.
In the book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill speaks of poverty as a self inflicted condition. "Poverty," the author states, "is attracted to the one whose mind is favorable to it." Poverty and riches often change places. Poverty needs no plan; it needs no one to aid it, because it is bold and ruthless. Riches are shy and timid. Riches have to be attracted.
In some religious circles there is a preoccupation to teach the prosperity principals. But these teachings are not intended to incite greed or avarice. These teachings offer a way to find personal and financial fulfillment. The drive to enhance the financial status of Christians is not only for the sake of attaining more for the person. Prosperity provides the Christian the means to be a blessing to others.
The Bible teaches us the basic tenets of prosperity and poverty. Unfortunately, some Chrisitans take the statement "and the oor will always be with us." as a personal oath. We are not the poor that the Bible speaks about. There are third world countries that do not allow the people to engage in a business that will enrich their lives. These individuals are subjected to a life of poverty because there is no other alternative for them.
But in a country of opportunity, where everyone who has the will can attain prosperity, this statement is not intended for individuals who live in a free society. God was not speaking to Christians.
God is a powerful business partner. Knowing that God has abundance and is willing to bestow that abundance to act as an impetus to take your business activity to the next level. God works powerfully in the life of a Christian. The abundance of blessings that god is willing to bestow upon you is for you to bless others.
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