The World Needs More Christian Entrepreneurs

Author: Sam Crowley

Christian fellowship and business opportunities are not exclusive terms. Some of the richest men in the world are Christians. They were Christians first and then entrepreneurs. But it was their work ethic and belief in giving back to god a tenth of their earnings that spearheaded their success.
Some of these Christian billionaires left fortunes that their children's children enjoy today. Business ethics are important to the healthy growth of a business enterprise. The ethics are just Christian principals that explain how to treat people. These so-called business ethics were taught by Jesus Christ a millennium ago.
Christian businesses that follow the principles of the Bible are on the road to success. With the knowledge and experience that they gain from their interaction with other Christians, they are inspired to find their passion and desire for financial freedom through their Christian entrepreneurial spirit. The reality of traditional business principals is already ingrained in the spirit of the Christian business entrepreneur. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you insures that the interaction with customers is always a win-win situation.
Christian entrepreneurs actually have an advantage in their business. They have already been exposed to the success principles that are now taught in expensive seminars. The power of prayer, expectations for a Christian's life are outlined in the Bible.
The other important aspect of Christian business relationships is that they are built on a firm foundation of principles from the Bible. Some Christians mistakenly believe that God wants them to be poor and to worry about bills and the day-to-day costs of living. But The Bible states that 'above all things I wish that you prosper' there is no sin in being wealthy. It is the pursuit of wealth at all costs to yourself and others that is the sin. Enron, Worldcom and other high profile business entities that ignored Christian principless are examples of "wealth at all costs" disasters.
It is interesting to note that the most prosperous countries in the world were built on Christian principles. The United States and Canada both observe a day of Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims set aside this day to thank God for the abundance in their lives. Ethical business practices with Christians of like minds are a formula for success. Christians understand the power of blessings and giving thanks. These basic elements of observing the goodness of God bring more blessings which within a business enterprise results in growth.
It is important that Christian entrepreneurs expand their business. The world needs Christian organizations that can show them the way to prosperity in their lives in an ethical way. Demonstrating the Christian sprit and using the prosperity laws will transform individual lives and also the mentality of lack in the world.
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