Abundance and Prosperity is Your Choice

Author: Dan Brown

So many people are tormented by fear and don't realize how negative thinking affects them. They build a prison for themselves with suggestions of limitation, incapacity, and unworthiness. They don't think of succeeding, but of how they will fail.

It's been said that a person does not get want they want, but what they picture. It's those dominate thoughts that are being attracted to you, not your greatest dreams. So, the way to attract the things you desire is to hold a mental picture of what you want as long as possible, and as often as possible. Feel that you already have what you desire with certainty and you will see it become manifested in your life.

It's a simple concept, and it's true. It's just not easy. It's not easy because we are bombarded daily with all kinds of negative thoughts, and then we are forced to decide what to do with them after they've entered our minds.

There is just no way a person can enjoy life to it's full with a head full of negative thoughts. The will of God is abundance, prosperity, blessings, peace, joy, and righteousness. Thoughts of fear, worry, dread, and poverty are in direct opposite to God's plan. In fact, they are the devil's plan.

2 Corinthians 4:4 says, Satan has become the god of this world, and it's his will to completely destroy us. But, God has put limits on the devil. He cannot cross the blood line. Therefore, the main way he disrupts people's lives is by planting suggestive thoughts in their heads, causing them all kinds of grief.

He is not just going to sit by and watch as you become outrageously blessed. The reason is because he hates God. And, since he can not hinder God in any way, the best he can do is hinder God's most beloved possession - you!

As Christians, we are just passing through and we must be like Jesus, completely focused on our mission. And, that mission is pursuing the purpose God put in each of us. Too many Christians are confused because they do not have a clue as to why they are here.

You must absolutely know where you are headed in life and have a fixed goal in view before you'll ever attain what you're after.

You must be definite on what it is that you desire and not consistently changing your mind according to your moods on any given day. James 1:6-8 says, "Let him ask in faith with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. Let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord, for he is a double-minded man, and unstable in all his ways."

Many people go through the lip-service act of saying their prayers without the slightest belief that those prayers will be answered. Consequently, they are not answered, and the same people will scratch their head and wonder why God is not answering their prayers.

Jesus said, "According to your faith, let it be done unto you" (Matt 9:29). How can anything positive "be done unto you" if you are not exercising your faith in what you desire?

If you're frustrated and tired of going around the same mountain of problems day after day, then ask yourself some serious questions:

1) "Do I know God's will for my life, or do I not have a clue what He's created me for?"

2) "Do I have direction, or am I just wandering around


3) "Do I know exactly what I want and how I'm going to get there, or do I just wait and see what's going to happen?"

4) "Do I have goals, and if so, are they written down?"

5) "Am I confessing what God's Word says about me daily, or do I even know any of God's Word?"

You are created with a purpose! You may say, "I know, but I don't know what my purpose is." If that's what you are saying, the devil has successfully faked you out.

God has a purpose for each person and I believe your purpose is in your interests! You will never be ultimately successful doing something you do not enjoy.

Is your work "just a job," or do you truly enjoy it? Ecclesiastes 2:24 says, "Nothing is better for a man than that he should eat and drink, and that his soul should enjoy good in his labor."

So, ask yourself what it is that you like to do? Once you discover it, then do it. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."

It is vital that you know God's will for your life. Things that are not God's will for you get frustrating. They don't manifest positive results because they are not part of God's plan. In those cases you must be honest with yourself and stop pursuing those things.

But, if you know with all your heart that God has spoken something to you, then you must pursue it with everything you've got. But again, you will only be able to pursue it with everything you've got by first controlling and directing your thoughts.

It's a decision you make concerning what you think about. So whether you think success, or failure, that's what you will eventually reap. Without directed thought aimed at your purpose, and goals in writing, you are like the proverbial "ship without a rudder," wandering everywhere while going nowhere (remember James 1:6-8).

Because our thoughts are vibrating energy, we create what we want by focusing our thoughts on those things. So, a big mistake is trying to figure out how you are going to do something before you do it. Start by believing you can do it and the "how-to" will follow, for strong belief triggers the mind to figuring the ways and the means.

Remember, faith without works is dead (James 2:20). You're simply not committed until you take action. Think positive thoughts, come up with ideas, seek advice from Godly people who are on the same page, spend time with God and seek His council.

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you change your beliefs by eliminating thoughts of limitation, incapacity, and unworthiness. Remember, you do not get want you want, but what you picture.

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