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Author: Ryan Bowen

Hello and thankyou for taking the time to read my article on wealth creation using affiliate programs. May God's presence and blessings be upon you now and forever more.

Hi my name is Ryan. Throughout this article I intend to talk about ways of making a healthy income with primarily the use of affiliate marketing. I will be talking about these opportunities from a Christian perspective, ensuring that each method is in line with and honours God.

Prosperity and wealth are two things often debated by Christian communities, however, you can rest assured that our Lord wants all of his children to live a prosperous life. Faith in the Lord and an honest heart in business will not only make you wealthy in an earthly sense, but it will also provide you with many wonderful opportunities to speak the Gospel into people’s lives. There is no better way to please our Lord than to speak his word and invite others into his presence.

Affiliate programs provide an excellent opportunity for income. You get the freedom to choose what products you promote, how many products you promote, and how much you get paid. That’s right, you heard me correctly. There is such a vast array of companies out there who will pay you to advertise for them, that you can virtually choose how much you are paid. The reason it works this way is that companies receive a vast amount of advertising, expanding their client base. In return they pay you up to 95% of their product value for each sale that is linked to your advertising. Most companies, however offer 75%, which is still a massive % considering you don’t need to do anything but promote the product.

Getting started in the affiliate marketing is a very easy and simple process. For and investment of approximately $100 you can find a domain, a host, and a shop front to advertise all your products in. Once you have a website with all these products, its simply a matter of promoting your website and sitting back and watching the wealth roll in.

What I like best about this is that you get to choose your product to endorse. This allows for creative businesses in niche markets. It also means that you can set-up completely honest and ethical promotions, which you know are trusted by customers.

Now that you have heard about all this, you probably want to know how and where you can start this income generating, extremely satisfying opportunity. There are many websites out there that allow affiliate marketing, however, in my experience there are alot that are far too expensive and require extensive knowledge in website building. There is a website that has gone through this large array of programs and has found all of the ones that actually work. The website is:

At this website you will find products that I and other Christians endorse. The website is a safe, trusted and will make you money. Also there are a range of spiritual products which I highly recommend you look at whilst you are there.

Ok well I hope this article has given you the confidence to take up a home career in online affiliate marketing. I think it is a great and honest opportunity for wealth creation.

May you stand tall in God’s presence, which is with you forever more. God Bless, Ryan.

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I am a 22 year old Christain fellow who is aspiring to become a minister. In order to dedicate my entire week to God, i needed to find an income avenue which did not require alot of time and attention. Affiliate marketing is it. I also have a Adv Dip in Administration, a Dip of Governmetn Management, a Dip of Personnel and Operations Management, a Dip of Logistic Management and a Cert IV in Business

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