Christian Budgeting – What's The Deal?

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What is Budgeting?
Budgeting is the method of making your expenses to meet your income by means of careful discovery, planning and implementation.  To achieve this, you must first figure out your exact income for every month and identify all of your expenses.  The next step is to create a plan that would either decrease your expenses, increase your income or ideally achieve both.  The objective of this effort is to reach a state of positive cashflow where your income is greater than your expense.  Having a budget means being aware of your financial activities (incomes or expenses) and your financial status at any given time.  Awareness of these things will enable a person to make calculated and informed financial decisions.
What is Christian Budgeting?
Christian budgeting is simply the application of Christian principles in the practice of budgeting.  God wants His people to live a prosperous life where they are enriching their God-given talents and gifts for the benefit of the everyone.  This kind of budgeting means being free from the bondage of debt and its associated problems and sufferings.  It also means practicing the Christian values of stewardship, unselfishness, concern for the poor, honesty, humility, unworldly mentality and Christ-centeredness above all.
Why Christian Budgeting?
Just imagine the exact opposite of the Christian values listed above.  Possessiveness, selfishness, indifference to the poor, fraudulence, arrogance, materialistic mentality and malevolence.  Those are the worldly traits that make money the root of all evil.  Christian budgeting also encourages and empowers us to partake in God's plan of  realizing His vision and reaching out to the world.  By applying the teachings of Jesus and the lessons of the Bible in the practice of budgeting we bring God's vision of equality, justice, happiness, freedom and the best of all – abundance.
What is Stewardship?
Stewardship means acknowledging the our responsibilities as the caretaker of out possessions and the world around us.  It means cultivating the God-given resources that we all possess.  It means acknowledging the reality that we really own nothing because we cannot take our treasures beyond the grave and that our very lives are not even ours to keep.  Stewardship means being accountable to God and for the next generations yet to come.  It is the act of giving more than taking or receiving
What are the Benefits of Christian Budgeting?
By conducting your finances according to Christian values and Biblical lessons, we spare ourselves the trouble of getting caught by our own sins.  By being Christian-like in money matters we inspire and invite upright people, transactions and results.  We will be free from the guilt, fear, doubt and sleepless nights associated with wrongdoings in monetary affairs.  You can be proud and walk in confidence that the wealth you are keeping and enjoying is not a product of sin or deceit.

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