Successful Marketing Strategies Of Savvy Christian Internet Businesses Driving Away Snake Oil Salesmen

Author: SarahBeth White

Most church members do not like to think of their church as a business. But a church has bills to pay just like anybody else. Recently, our pastor announced our church was broke, completely broke. This recession or economic downturn has hit churches hard, too. Few churches will ever "go out of business" but activities taken for granted may become limited or defunct. There is a way to continue tithing (giving a tenth of your income) and increase giving by implementing successful internet marketing strategies. Since my employer decided he could no longer afford my services, I joined the ranks of those laid off and so, began again searching for a non-scam internet business.
First and foremost, Christians always turn to God, as CEO, for direction. Next a fantastic strategy available is to use successful marketing strategies as a church or as church members who desire to give more than their tithe. Even before being laid off, owning a successful home based internet business appealed to me because job security would no longer hinge on the whim of a boss, economic downturns, or other threats in a 'traditional' job.
After finding a niche in internet marketing, building an e-commerce business was easy. Internet business thrives while traditional businesses continue to feel the pinch and layoff more employees. E-commerce continues to grow in leaps and bounds though. The difficulty arises out of trying to find legitimate internet marketing businesses mingled in with the scams. Some even label themselves as "Christian" business opportunities. Why do scam artists think Christians are stupid and uneducated? It seems they believe Christians are an easy target.
Not only are Christians savvy and educated, but when God is on your side, it gives you a phenomenal edge. Non Christians cannot understand church growth during difficult times. Non Christians cannot understand much of anything about churches. If they target a church, truly founded on God and His principles, these scam artists will be completely shut out of any Christian internet marketing business arena.
Since being laid off, the successful internet marketing business I found continues to grow and prosper beyond anything a traditional job offers. It is my belief that God has allowed me the time and effort to focus on this online business rather than another "job" in the traditional market. It has been my dream to give gifts above and beyond my tithe; to write out a check to my church, if there was a need; to give large sums of money to the benevolence committee which is trying to help those in dire situations; to help pay off any building expenses. For example, our sound system is worn out and to replace it is going to cost a great deal of money. I would like to be able to write out a check to the church in order to replace not fix the sound system. In my traditional job, it is embarrassing that my giving was hindered by the pile of bills at home.
Furthermore, additional giving will not be a dream any longer but a necessary facet of my business and that of other church members successfully venturing into internet commerce. God pointed the way to this business and He expects me to follow His lead in order to impact my church, its activities and its members. He will take care of everything else along the way. The name of my business points to God who owns the cattle on 1000 hills (Psalm 50:10). He does not need our money. He wants our trust and obedience. Trusting Him is preferable to trusting what a brick and mortar HR promises. God promises to provide and His promises always ring true.
Since becoming an internet marketer, my life is more enjoyable because now I have the time to spend with my dog, my son, my friends and family and with what God has provided in: http://cattleon1000hills"> No cattle or land for sale here. You will hear the story of a friend who experienced a leap to success with this internet marketing business and the story is not unique. Whether you are a church, a church member or other church entity, your successful marketing strategies can thrive, too. Churches can continue to amaze the non-churched in how they thrive during hard times. Becoming savvy, successful online marketers will drive the snake oil salesmen away for good.
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